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Public domain Nature MegaFiles - an online breed of Multilingual Flora and Fauna dictionaries

Powerful multilingual cross-referencing tools for academics, naturalists, linguists, translators, teachers, cultural activists, environmentalists and nature conservation workers.

Initially conceived as a (purchasable) desktop PC product, the Nature MegaFiles are text-only multilingual natural history reference utilities which are designed for fast access to bird, animal and plant names in up to 32 languages. Keeping up with expensive MS program versions became a nightmare, so we dumped the desktop PC program idea as too much hard work. Life really is too short for this sort of unproductive crud.

So, we now offer access to the whole dataset online, free of charge (donations are accepted!).

Multilingual dictionary displays are generated in real time after the selection of either a particular species or two languages. The flexibility of this arrangement means that information is generated only when required and there is no need for pre-printed listings: it would be unreasonable to expect any one printed book to contain all of the information available from the MegaFiles.

For n installed language data sets, as well as the whole data display in n languages for any particular species, the user thus has virtual access to n(n-1) different two-way bilingual dictionaries. If n=30, then this means 870 different two-way dictionaries (print that! ...well, we might do it if paid to do so).


Click here to browse the free-access online multilingual dictionaries

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